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The Kelco Team promises to exceed your expectations as we create a unique and innovative home tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  Our devotion to quality ensures the realization of your dream home building experience.

Kelco Industries is a full service team of caring professionals.  More than just the builder, our team includes everyone from start to finish, from the superintendents and contractors, to the real estate agents.  Everyone is dedicated to "Making it all Happen".  From the planning stages to the final touches, we listen and adapt to the needs and wants of our clients.  Kelco continues to set the standard in the construction industry, by concentrating on the basics - unparalleled teamwork, outstanding customer service, quality craftsmanship, clear economics, and an original style that sets them above the competition.  This is made possible because not only does the Kelco Team work well together; they respect each other and want one another to succeed.  This atmosphere lends itself to cooperation and efficiency - and a Great Home.

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